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Pawxel is a lightweight screenshot tool for designers & developers.

You can either use it as a tray application or as a drop-in replacement for Snipping Tool.


Pawxel also got some nifty editing tools such as Text, Rectangle, Circle or even a Marker and many more.

And there is more to come...

There are a lot of features I plan to implement in the future: Text recognition, Direct Upload, Inline text edit options, Custom backgrounds and much more!

You can also always suggest new features either via mail or GitHub (those links below). Depending on the need, it could be implemented in the next version ;-)

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Report a bug or suggest a feature directly on Github

Support development by buying me a coffee :-) or via Paypal.3

1 GPU-powered editing requires a graphics card that supports atleast OpenGL 2.1.

2 GPU-powered editing increases the RAM usage due to the GL viewport rendered inside the window.

3 50% into the development of Pawxel (server, tech etc.), 50% for aid agencies (WFP, Red Cross, MSF).

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