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Why is it free?

Pawxel is free and open source. I work on it during my free time and in the first place I tried to solve a very own problem with it - replacing Snipping Tool. There is no reason why this tool should cost some money. Although it takes some time to work on features, it should help people working on their devices.

Why is there no macOS version?

Much of the work done here is heavily inspired by Shottr. I kind of used it all the time when I had a MBA. After switching back to Windows I wanted to have something similar. Pawxel was born.

Does Pawxel send requests?

The only request Pawxel creates, is to GitHub, retrieving the latest version.json from this repo. Based on the result and the current version it shows you a message box if there is a new one. You can deactivate this from preferences.

Pawxel is not doing that in beta versions.

Is there any other package for Linux?

While I use cqtdeployer, I currently mainly focus on archived binaries. You can take a look into the Downloads section and will probably find some other variants over time. If there is a high request of the app being taken & maintained on other distros, please open up a report here. Probably Pawxel could show up in a package manager anytime soon then! :-)

What libraries does Pawxel use?

Mainly written in C++ using awesome open-source libraries. To mention some, Qt (by The Qt Company), FramelessHelper (by Yuhang Zhao), SingleApplication (by Itay Grudev), Phantom (by Andrew Richards) and many more. Without them Pawxel wouldn’t be what it is. For more informations you can also check out the About dialog.

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