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Pawxel is only released as an archive. There is no installer or similiar. The tool is and should be lightweight, an installation is not required. The only folder you need to delete after deleting Pawxel from your disk is $HOME/.pawxel.

Download for Windows 10 & 11

Pawxel is tested on both Windows 10 & Windows 111. It could also run on Windows 8/8.1, yet support for this platform is not given.

Download for Linux (binary)

Pawxel is tested on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and Linux Mint MATE 212. It is distributed as an archived binary with the Qt libraries next to it. Even though untested, it should run on a variety of distros.

1 Tested on: i7-11850H, 32GB DDR4, Iris XE + NVIDIA T1200; i3-10105F, 32GB DDR4, Intel Arc A750

2 Tested on: i7-11580H, 6GB DDR4, Iris XE

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